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Get the credibility and the power you need to control your business.

You can manage your staff, Inventory with your customized online system

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Stay in Charge | Make Decisions | Retain your Customers | Sell More

Over the years, SMEs find it quite challenging to invest resources from their businesses to build a customized online system to sell their products and as well manage their customers, that is why they use a centralized system and social media platforms that does not give them the credibility and the power they need to manage and control their customers, Placid global international gives you the ability to stay in charge, make decisions, retain your customers by empowering you with a free customized website and mobile application to sell your product online as part of digitalizing businesses for African entrepreneurs

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E-commerce website

Social media platforms are not enough for your business, A website and mobile application will give your business the integrity you need for your customers to trust and become loyal to

Customized Mobile Application

We build a customized mobile application, where your customers can download on playstore and order your product at ease and from the comfort of their respective zones.

SMS Marketing Integration

Beyond being able to reach your website to verify your authenticity, target consumers will also receive text messages that tell them about your products and services

Email Marketing Integration

To further reach your target consumers, customized email marketing will be enabled for them to hear from you from time to time, serving as a reminder medium and a potential influencer to sales and brand visibility

Payment Gateway Integration

Scale your business to reach global audience. Sell where you have not sold before and reach new customers all over the world. With your your e-commerce system, you can start accepting payments from all card types for local and international transactions.

Blogging System

Your interactive online platform will have a blogging system that can accommodate storytelling, which will endear targets to the site, the more they come to read your stories, the more they see what you�re selling, this ultimately increases your chances of achieving sales

Staff Management

From the comfort of your home, you can manage your staff list, you get to save time and resources as you stay aware and ahead of everything; you get to monitor activities and pay staff salaries without needing physical contacts

Expenses Management

Solvency will be assured with a sound and smart expense tracking portal, from accounting tools to record keeping and asset management; staff salary payments, necessary renewals and other expenses would be better managed

Content Management System

Content is king! Reach out to millions of your site visitors with captivating content and engaging communication, creativity will keep them coming and further enhance your chances of sustaining their interest in you

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